Union Chapel Baptist Church


Club #6257

AWANA is an action-oriented program for children between the ages of 3 and 15. The club meets every Wednesday evening during the school year from 7:00-8:15.

Children are divided into separate age groups:

Ages 3 to 4 – Cubbies
Kindergarten to Grade 2 – Sparks
Grades 3 to 6 – TnT
Grades 7 to 8 – Trek

The thrust of the AWANA program is to teach children the Word of God and help them hide it in their hearts through an exciting scripture-memory program. Children are encouraged by age-appropriate, color illustrated memory books that “move them up the ranks” as they memorize. They are also awarded special patches that they proudly attach to their AWANA vests or shirts.

But, kids love to come to AWANA because it is just plain FUN!!! Each evening is divided into Game Time, Handbook Time and Council Time.

Game Time –

Individual and team competition takes place through circle games exclusive to AWANA and playground favorites. Every kid gets involved every night and has a chance to unleash his or her energy.

Handbook Time –

Kids work one-on-one with a trained leader to complete assignments in the curriculum materials. AWANA emphasizes memorization and understanding of key Bible verses that show how to know God and walk with Him. A series of awards and trophies reward assignments at every level as kids progress.

Council Time –

Everyone gathers together for singing, announcements, award distribution and, most importantly, a practical Bible message.

Any child can join AWANA at any time during the school year. We would love to have them!